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Puri Jagannath’s viral video featuring a child on Mumbai roads

Puri Jagannadh, the leading Telugu director was spotted by a fan while he was driving along a busy Mumbai road. Puri Jagannadh and his team were heading to Mumbai to shoot a song for the upcoming Vijay Deverakonda-starrer ‘Liger.

The director and Charmmee Kaur were heading towards their shooting spot when they met a young boy who was stunned to see them. As he couldn’t believe his eyes, the boy approached Puri and began to shout “Puri sir!”


Pramod was introduced by the young boy. “I can’t believe it sir. Your work is a great inspiration to me. When I first saw the Telangana numberplate on the car, it was obvious that it was people from our state. The boy became emotional as he came forward. He was also seen repeatedly shaking hands with Puri Jagannadh.

Pramod asked Charmme to upload the video on Twitter as he couldn’t take a selfie with his phone. Charmme agreed. Charmee assures Pramod that she will tweet the video. Puri Jagannadh greets his young fan and asks him to view ‘Liger’.

Charmme, who was with Puri Jagannadh, tweeted “This cute kid found #purijagannadh at mumbai traffic signal..

Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Pandey star in ‘Liger’, while Mike Tyson, the US boxing legend, plays key roles.

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