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COVID-19: Preeti Soni plans to raise funds for animal care

Preeti Soni won the UAE top model hunt 2020 in Dubai earlier this year and was gearing up for the Rohit Roy-starrer web series, "Stamp Paper", when the lockdown halted all activity. So, Preeti has decided to utilise the time to raise funds for animal care during the COVID-19 outbreak.

"I have a lot of love for all living beings. Animals have suffered as much but currently due to the situation we aren''t thinking about the animals much. So I thought of working on this online fundraiser. We will be putting out more details," she revealed her plans.

Preeti feels it is important not to neglect animals at this point, when we have been mostly worried about saving human lives.

"Every life is precious. I urge everyone to follow the law and the protocols till we don''t get out of this," she said.