Cricket Association of Blind Prez distributes 2.5 lakh food packets during lockdown

The Cricket Association for the Blind in India''s (CABI) president Mahantesh GK has distributed 2.5 lakh food packets along with 22,000 PPE kits and 16,000 packets of dry ration to disabled daily wage labourers and those belonging to marginalised section. Mahantesh, helped them under-privileged and physically challenged through his trust ''Samarthanam''.
"Life has always been tough for the physically handicapped and disabled members of our country. But the pandemic has made them even more helpless, literally unable to muster two square meals," Mahantesh GK, who himself is visually challenged, said on Monday. "We have tied up with various corporates to not only offer our services at their doorstep but have also made direct cash transfers to the tune of Rs 25 lakh already," he added. "The members of Samarthanam, many of whom suffer with different physical disabilities, have gone further, going into Red Zones and Containment Areas without fearing for their own lives to aid our more vulnerable brothers and sisters," Mahantesh GK said. Among other things, they have provided Dry Ration Kits, PPEs, Healthcare Kits, Packed food, ICU Beds, Soap dispensers, Ply masks and even Tabs and other virtual education equipment.
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