Futile for people to expect safety if CM himself makes guv ''feel unsafe'': Shekhawat attacks Gehlot

Amid the political crisis in Rajasthan, Union minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat on Saturday attacked Ashok Gehlot for staging a ''dharna'' at the Raj Bhavan, saying in a state where the chief minister himself makes the governor "feel unsafe", it is futile for people to plead to him for their safety.

Slamming the chief minister, Shekhawat said the crime rate is rising in the state under his leadership while his MLAs are enjoying in resorts.

Accusing Governor Kalraj Mishra of acting under pressure to not call an assembly session, Gehlot along with several Congress MLAs had staged a sit-in at the Raj Bhavan in Jaipur on Friday.

They ended their five-hour sit-in after an assurance from the governor that he will go by the constitutional provisions on summoning an assembly session.

"Where the chief minister himself makes the governor feel unsafe by threatening him, it is futile for the people of Rajasthan, who are reeling under incidents of robbery, violence, rape and murder, to plead to the chief minister for their safety," Shekhawat said in a tweet in Hindi.

The Congress has accused Shekhawat of trying to topple the Gehlot government in Rajasthan, a charge the Union Jal Shakti minister has denied.

The Congress and Shekhawat have been involved in an intense war of words since then.

A Rajasthan court has also asked the state police to probe a complaint alleging the involvement of Shekhawat in a credit society scam. The Union minister has dismissed the charge as a "political conspiracy".

"What is really a matter of concern Gehlot ji is that under your leadership, the crime graph is rising by the day in the state, while your MLAs are enjoying in resorts. Take a look at a few news of reported crimes in a single day in Rajasthan. Misplaced priorities! (sic)," Shekhawat tweeted citing media reports.

Shekhawat's tweet on the rising crime rate came after Gehlot said the Union minister's name appeared in the tapes and now it has emerged in a cooperative society case.

Gehlot also demanded Shekhawat''s dismissal from the Union Cabinet.

"First his name appeared in the tapes and now even in this case, Gajendra Singh Ji's name is increasingly appearing, so why has the government not taken any action and dismissed him, this is a matter of concern," Gehlot tweeted.
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