Online Gaming Industry Grows at 21 percent During Covid-19 in India: Lucky Raja

A platform for trusted and extensive reviews by specialists on casinos, online games, sports betting, rummy and fantasy gaming websites bringing the best bonuses to users Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – Business Wire India Covid-19 pandemic has left a serious dent on our social lifestyle and forced us to retreat back to the safety and seclusion of our living rooms. However, it has surely failed to suppress the thrill appetite of humankind; especially of our youth. 

The proof is the recent growth in the online gaming industry in India. The industry data showed that the online gaming industry in the country grew at a rate of 21% during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown months. This trend is assuring and, at the same time, necessitates innovations and initiatives for consumer awareness in the field. Lucky Raja is working towards that objective by building the right knowledge base to choose from and the best platform to place a bet. Lucky Raja is an innovative and user-friendly platform for online gamers to update themselves with trusted and extensive reviews by specialists on casinos, online games, sports betting, rummy and fantasy gaming websites. The Platform hosts scores of recommendation on reliable offers and bonuses. “The traditional brick and mortar casinos are presently at the risk of staying within the past.

The web casino industry is on a fast-track growth path. They are offering gamers an immersive and realistic gaming experience, easy to urge to, and that too 24/7. Online gaming is now a favourite go-to around the globe. We are excited to be in India at a time when e-sports & online gaming is taking off and the next billion users are getting connected to the Internet. As a brand we strive to offer a platform to satisfy both - a gamer’s requirement as well as the principle that the safety of gamers should be trouble free,” said Suganthi, Project Manager in Lucky Raja. Lucky Raja, as a platform, offers online gaming enthusiasts enjoyment, entertainment along with assurance of safety.

 A dedicated team of experts, from the Company, verifies bonuses and offers, checks customer terms and conditions for the deals, scrutinises fraudulent information, payment policies, trustworthiness of customer service and websites’ performance. From uploading big wins, taking part in free cash giveaways to reading the in-depth casino and slot reviews, Lucky Raja, brings together a casino community hub for anyone willing to participate in online gaming. Beyond lucrative strategies for online casinos, it offers gamers a brand promise of consistent research-based winning strategy in the fast-paced world of online gaming. Lucky Raja also plans to launch a live streaming platform enabling skilled gamers to showcase their prowess and for the beginners to learn.

About Lucky Raja Lucky Raja is a subsidiary of Fruity Slots Casino, one of the UK’s fastest-growing casino communities. It is an established online platform which shares thorough review of online gaming, e-Sports and other games along with offers, bonuses and promotions, cashier options, user experience, support and other gaming variety. The Platform’s scoring systems ensure that all the casinos are ranked according to a combination of all the factors, with an impartial overall summary guiding users to pick the right online casino for their needs. Trust and reliability are the key business mantra ever since Lucky Raja has been established.

The Company places strong importance on responsible online gaming for all its users. The unique feature that allows the Platform to stand out is the complete library of slots and casinos video content. As live streaming of online slots and casino gameplay is becoming more popular, a dedicated separate section has been introduced on the Platform. Users get to check the best videos featuring the biggest online slot wins and the best slot features – broken down by the slot names and channels. Lucky Raja features the latest and up-to-date content, written and checked by the team of expert researchers; so that users always remain at the forefront of what is going on in the world of online slots and casinos. 
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