Paris police investigates bomb attack on Cuban embassy

 French authorities on Tuesday said they were investigating a gasoline bomb attack that caused minor damage to the Cuban Embassy here.

The Paris prosecutor's office said an investigation was underway.

No one has been arrested or claimed responsibility, police said.

Paris police said two gasoline bombs hit the embassy late on Monday night. The flames were out by the time firefighters arrived, they said.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry's International Press Center said three Molotov cocktails were thrown, with two hitting the embassy and causing a fire.

Cuban diplomats extinguished the blaze as French firefighters and police arrived at the scene, it said.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez blamed the United States (US) for the attack.

Cuban embassies in many cities around the world have been the scene of demonstrations both against and for Cuba's government in reaction to protests that erupted across the island on July 11-12.

Cuba has accused the American government of fomenting a social media campaign aimed at destabilising the Caribbean nation, which is going through a severe economic crisis exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and US sanctions.

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