Shooters feeling the "heat" in Tokyo

 The shooters are feeling the heat, literally.

Three days before the Tokyo Olympics open, the marksmen and markswomen are struggling to carry out their last few training sessions, thanks to a combination of the Japanese capital's hot and humid weather and the convertible practice facility at the Asaka Shooting Range.

The all-purpose practice hall means shooters of every event -- 50m, 25m and 10m -- are training in the same facility one after another.

The 10m competition is held in an indoor facility but, in this case, it is looking like an outdoor range.

Mostly bearing the brunt of the scorching summer heat here are the jacket and trouser-wearing rifle shooters.

India will be represented by an unprecedented 15 shooters in the upcoming Games.

When asked about the inconvenience facing the shooters, an official in the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) said the local organisers are provided the athletes with everything they need.

"There is a bit of an issue with the rifle shooters as they shoot wearing the jackets. We are sure that the air conditioners in the final hall are fine. Do we have the air conditioners when the qualifications for 50m and 25m events are held. So you can understand," the official said.

"The only thing is that the training is being held at a convertible range which is being used for practice sessions of 50m, 25, and 10m events."

The Indian shooters underwent training sessions at the Asaka Shooting Range on Monday and Tuesday.

The shooting events will be held at the Asaka Shooting Range, which is located in Saitama Prefecture, north west Tokyo, from July 24 to August 2.

The venue also hosted the shooting competition at the 1964 Olympics.

"The #guns they are a blazing again. #indianshootingteam practising at the 50M range," the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) had tweeted.

The Olympics are scheduled to be held from July 23 to August 8, with the shooting events starting a day after the opening ceremony and covering the first 10 days of the extravaganza, which will be held without spectators owing to the pandemic.

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