Calcutta HC Verdict, Case to be handed over to CBI :WB Voilence

 Thursday's Calcutta High Court ruling said that the investigation into violence in Bengal following the April-May election will be done by a team of investigators from the Central Bureau of Investigation. According to the court, Soumen Mitra, Kolkata Police Commissioner, will be part of this special team.

A five-judge bench, headed by Acting Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal, adjudicates on petitions seeking fair investigation into the alleged violence post-poll in the state.

The BJP had charged Trinamool with inciting its thugs, attacking party members, vandalizing homes, looting shops, and offices of its leaders.

The Bengal government retorted, claiming that reports of violence were exaggerated and fake images and videos were circulated to make false statements.

According to the government, most violence occurred on or about May 2, which was the day of vote-counting day. The Election Commission controlled state police.

The Calcutta High Court had previously asked the National Human Rights Commission (or NHRC) to conduct a preliminary investigation.

The NHRC's controversial report criticized Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her government for the alleged violent incidents and called them "appalling apathy". The NHRC recommended that the CBI investigate "grievous offenses like murder and rape" and that these cases be tried outside of the state.

The NHRC indicted the Bengal government in a broad indictment. It stated that the Bengal situation at the time of the alleged events was a "manifestation law of ruler rather than rule of law" and that the "local police have been grossly derelict if they weren't complicit in this violence."

Mamata Banerjee blasted the NHRC for "disrespecting court" as well as pursuing the "political vendetta of the BJP" by leaking its report.

The NHRC refuted her claim that the report had been leaked and said that it was accessible to "all parties concerned as per court directives".

The Bengal government asked the High Court last month to ignore the whole report, claiming it did not portray the correct picture.

According to the affidavit, several of the NHRC panel members were directly connected to the BJP and biased against the state's ruling dispensation.

Through the relatives of victims, the Supreme Court has been asked to investigate the CBI and direct the Center to implement President's rule in the State.

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