Dogecoin, A Highly Risky Investment?

 Have you heard of Dogecoin? Well if you have not then allow me to introduce it to you. What is Dogecoin exactly? Dogecoin is a form of virtual currency that is rapidly gaining in popularity. However, with such volatility in the market as well as with an almost unlimited supply, very few large whales, and practically nothing else, Dogecoin isn't a very sound investment.

However, if you're interested in trading some up for some internet fun, that's fine, but most importantly this Dogecoin article will probably give you pause until you really think about it. Virtual currencies are generally frowned on by the law because they have no tangible asset that can be taken from, like gold. However, dogecoin does have a couple of distinct advantages over other forms of online money. For starters, the supply of dogecoin is completely finite and there won't be any more created after approximately two years. Additionally, as stated before, there isn't any real value to the coin and it isn't tied to any actual currency. The only way you'll earn some money with this type of online joke is through advertising and marketing.

So, why is this a highly risky investment? Well, the answer is that the value of a dogecoin can't be tied to anything and can't be removed or destroyed. This makes dogecoin essentially a "useful" virtual currency that can be traded and used every minute of every day. If you want to try and make some quick easy bucks, then dogecoin is definitely not for you, but if you truly wish to become involved with the flourishing online currency marketplace, then consider Dogecoin as an option.

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