Etihad will issue visas on arrival to passengers arriving from 70 countries, India is not on the list

 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi has revised its travel regulations for international passengers traveling to the country. It announced that visas will be issued on arrival for passengers coming from 70 countries.

According to The Siasat Daily news, Etihad reported that Abu Dhabi is open to all citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates. They also allow visitors who are eligible for visa on arrival. Visa on arrival will be granted to the following countries:

Andorra. Argentina, Australia. Brazil. Brunei. Bulgaria. Canada. Chile. Colombia. Costa Rica. Colombia. Costa Rica. Chile. Colombia. Costa Rica. Chile. Chile. Colombia. Costa Rica. Chile. Chile. Chile. Chile. Chile. Chile. Dan. Estonia. Finland. France. Germany. Greece. Hungary. Italy. Japan. Kazakhstan. Lithuania. Luxembourg. Maldives. Malta. Monaco. Montenegro. Nauru. Netherlands. New Zealand. Norway. Peru. Peru. Poland.

India is not included on the above list. Etihad indicated that Indians would be allowed into Abu Dhabi only if they satisfy the following conditions.

- Citizen, silver/gold visa holder or diplomat.
- Travelling to treat medical conditions
- An employee of a federal agency.

The publication states that Indian nationals with a US visitor visa, green card, or passport are eligible to apply for visa on arrival to Abu Dhabi. Indian nationals who are citizens of the UK and EU can also enter the country.

Domestic helpers permitted

Etihad added that domestic workers are permitted to enter the country when they travel with a sponsor of the Gulf Cooperation Council, or a family member.

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