Fake Covishield vaccine spotted in India. WHO warns about serious consequences

 Global epidemics are recognizing the vaccine as the best weapon against coronavirus. All over the globe, vaccination campaigns are underway. It is being monitored by the World Health Organization (WHO). There are now reports of irregularities in vaccination campaigns. WHO was rocked by his warnings about fake Covishield vaccines.

WHO expressed dismay over the situation, stating that the fake vaccine was a concern. WHO stated that health arrangements due to corona already work under pressure. They may feel more pressure as a result of such cases. WHO clearly states that such vaccines must be identified promptly and removed from the supply chain.

This was discovered when an Indian vial of Covishield 2 ml was found. The Serum Institute does not produce the Covishield vaccine in 2 ml. All these vaccines in such cases are fake. However, in Uganda, there were batch numbers that were discovered in August 2021 4121Z040 for expired vaccines. The Serum Institute denied that they made these vaccines when asked.

Warning from WHO: WHO issued a warning that anyone who had given a false vaccine could experience symptoms and should be seen by a doctor immediately. This matter has been taken seriously by the Indian government. WHO has now advised all health centers, distributors, and suppliers to be alert.

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