Gautam Gambhir (BJP MP) launches third Jan Rasoi in Patparganj

According to a statement by his office, Gautam Gambhir, East Delhi MP launched the third Jan Rasoi in his constituency's Patparganj region here on Friday.

It was created by converting an empty 'Dhalav Ghar ' into a state-of-the-art kitchen that will serve healthy meals for one rupee.

"For the first-time in history, a garbage storage container has been converted into a modern kitchen that will feed thousands.

"I'm proud of the fact that our third Jan Rasoi will be available to serve Delhi starting August 20." Gambhir stated in the statement that this will help us in our fight against hunger in Delhi.

Gambhir will launch the third community kitchen. Gambhir had already launched his first community kitchen in Gandhi Nagar in December 2013. It was followed by one in New Ashok Nagar this February.

The cricketer-turned-politician said that the objective of the kitchens was to "serve hygienic and healthy food" to "poor people with dignity and respect".

"That's why we take Rs 1. Gambhir stated that volunteers ensure everyone is made to feel welcome and eats as much as they like."

He stated that he would set up many kitchens in his constituency over the next few days.

"The Delhi government has neglected the Patparganj assembly and there has not been any real development in this area. He claimed that the people living in slums have been in great distress because there is no support or plans for rehabilitation.

Gambhir stated that he wants to decrease the financial burden on people living in slums, and that they get at least nutritious and hygienic food so there is no starvation or migration.

"Our goal is to make all available government resources and make them usable for the public. He said that many more kitchens like this will be built in the future to ensure Delhi is a place where nobody goes hungry.

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