Oppo opens its Hyderabad R&D Centre camera innovation lab

Oppo, a Chinese mobile manufacturer, announced the establishment of a special lab for Camera Innovation at their Hyderabad R&D Centre. This is to strengthen India's position as a global innovation hub.

This lab will develop AI-based camera solutions and localized features. It will also focus on the development of imaging software to improve user experience.

In India, the Indian team will also lead innovations for countries such as Japan, South Asia, and Africa. The lab will also be working towards the development of solutions for video and still photography as well as research on Full Dimension Fusion (FDF), Portrait Video System technology.

The lab tests phone cameras in artificially set scenes and analyzes data derived from them. Equipped with specialized machines to test various light sources with different photography/videography scenarios, the lab is aimed at improving the complete performance of the smartphone by bringing more optimizations to the camera technology.

Oppo had filed for more than 8,800 image patents around the world as of June 30, 2021 and has over 3,500 granted patents.
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