Tata Steel BSL sets up UV oxidation plant in Odisha to treat cyanide in wastewater

 Tata Steel BSL Ltd has set up the “world’s first” ultraviolet oxidation plant in the industry at its facility in Odisha’s Dhenkanal district to treat cyanide in coke oven wastewater, a deadly pollutant, the company said.

The UV oxidation unit has been established with support from the research and development team of parent company Tata Steel, it said in a release.

The steel maker said the conventional method of treating cyanide in coke oven wastewater is called solid sludge separation technology, which may lead to cyanide toxicity by secondary means of toxic sludge decomposition.

The UV oxidation technology would address the issue at the Narendrapur plant with capacity to treat 80 cubic metres of wastewater per hour, it said.

“One of the best ways to handle cyanide is complete destruction of it by oxidation,” Tata Steel BSL Chief Operating Officer Subodh Pandey said.

“The UV oxidation plant helps us achieve that and, thus, no footprint is left for further contamination of the environment,” he said.

Tata Steel BSL Ltd, formerly known as Bhushan Steel Ltd, was acquired by Tata Steel in May 2018 through its wholly-owned subsidiary Bamnipal Steel.

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