They were not even born when they started to work with me: Aditya Narayana on trolls

Indian Idol 12 ended on Independence Day. The 12-hour grand finale saw contestants Pawandeep Rajan (Arunita Kanjilal), Mohd Denmark, Sayli kamble, Shanmukhapriya and Mohd Dhana participate in the final. Pawandeep was the winner, Arunita Kanjilal (runner-up) and Sayli kamble (runner-up).

It was one of the most viewed seasons and made news for both the right and wrong reasons. Amit Kumar and other guests criticized the talent, but social media users were equally divided. Aditya Nrayan, however, was the only person who stood up to the contestants. Aditya Narayan not only addressed the detractors of Indian Idol, but also denied that it was scripted and used sob stories to dearth talent.

Aditya, in a chat with media, stated that he believes strongly in standing behind the team with which he collaborates. This year was also very challenging. The team put up a great show despite such challenging times. Without good music and quality content, this show would not have been possible. People trying to discourage contestants will not be taken in their stride. Although I have a lot of respect for my seniors, that doesn't make me a bad person. If I believe something, I will always speak it out loud."

The comedian-turned-host also stated that being a celebrity it is only fair that he doesn’t mind being himself on social media. "All of you need to realize that we must be ourselves. Or we'll look like robots delivering statements in the media. We are all human beings, and it is okay to give an alternative answer than the others. Although it may seem young, I am in my 27th year of professional experience in the entertainment sector and 16th with television. Although I might seem young, I have been around enough times to know what is right and wrong. These teenage trolls don't know my body work. They weren't born when I started to work," he said with a smile.

Aditya Narayan added that sometimes he was misquoted and misunderstood. However, he couldn't do much. We can't spend all our time pondering on what others have to say. I am secure in my professional and personal life and believe in happiness. I can't possibly explain everything to billions of people. People who know me and trust me will understand me.

Jay Bhanushali was a co-host of Indian Idol 12's Greatest Finale Ever gala.

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