To get a Tinder date, you may be required to have a government ID

 Dating app Tinder announced that it will make ID verification available to all members in the world "in the next quarters." Tinder also stated that it uses recommendations from experts to determine which documents are best for each country as well as local laws and regulations.

The company said that ID Verification will be offered as a voluntary product, with the exception of where required by law. It will then evolve based on inputs received to create an equitable, inclusive and privacy-friendly approach.

What is the future of the Tinder ID Verification feature work?

Tinder will require users to upload official identification to verify their identity. According to Tinder, this is a way for users to feel more secure and to have more control over the people they are interacting with.

The details of how and when this feature will be available in India are not yet known.

First launch in Japan

TheTinder ID VerificationIn Japan, the feature was introduced in 2019. The company wanted to ensure that its users were at least 18 years. Tinder users can upload driver's licence, passport, or Health ID documents to verify their identity in Japan.

The company states that it keeps the user's ID and other information for as long as 90 days after age verification in Japan for quality assurance purposes.

Tinder has recently added a feature that allows you to delete personal contacts from your phone book.

Block contacts allows users to specify which contacts they would rather not have seen or not be seen with on Tinder. It doesn't matter if those contacts are already on Tinder and downloaded it later using similar contact information, they won’t be shown as potential matches.

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