Twitter now supports the Taliban? Terrorist tweets are refusing to be deleted.

 Twitter, a microblogging site, has refused to act in order to stop the terrorist group Taliban from using its platform following their capture in Afghanistan. According to the report, Twitter has not followed other social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook in this matter.

Twitter has refused to suspend accounts belonging to Taliban leaders. Twitter's spokesperson refused to answer media questions about whether it would take action against the radical Islamic terror organization. A spokesperson for the company stated that it would continue to enforce its rules regarding "glorifying violence" and "platform manipulation and spam." He stated that "Twitter's top priority was to keep people safe, so we are alert."

There are currently several unofficial accounts on Twitter that claim to be official spokespersons for the Taliban. Zabihullah Mujahid is one of these accounts. He has over 3,10,000 followers on social networking sites. Zabihullah posted a tweet on Tuesday (17 August 2021) promoting a press conference organized by the Taliban. Hundreds of people responded. Many of these terrorist groups were also supporters of the Taliban.

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