5 Exercises To Get Flat Stomach

Flat Stomach is the ultimate goal for every girl. Although we try so hard to achieve flat stomachs, we fail every time once we eat delicious food. It is impossible to follow the strict gym rules, but it is possible to take some time at home to practice these exercises for a sexy stomach.


This exercise is good for your upper abdomen. To avoid neck strain, lay on your back and place your hands behind your head. Your feet should be flat on the floor. Lift your shoulders, and then lift your upper body off the floor. Your face should be pointed toward the ceiling. Inhale and go as high as possible. Hold for a second. Then inhale to return to your starting position. Repeat this 15-25 times.

Pike and Extend

Place your legs straight across your hips on the ground. Next, bend your elbows so that your hands touch your feet. Next, raise your arms up so your hands reach towards your feet. Next, crunch up while reaching both your toes with your hands. You can do this 20 times, alternating sides.

Front bridge

This exercise is great to strengthen your core muscles, and it is also great for your back. (See my other post for additional great exercises for strengthening your back). Keep your abdomen button down and straighten your body. Keep your breathing steady and take deep, long breaths. Keep your body in this position for as long as possible, and then take a break. Repeat this process 2-3 times. Gradually increase the amount of time you are able to hold the position.

Crunch Chop

Place your legs on the ground so that your hips are 90 degrees above your hips and your arms are up. Take a deep inhale and lift your head off the ground. Next, extend your legs and let your arms reach up to your sides. This movement can be repeated for one minute.

Side Plank

Your right side should be facing forward. Keep your legs extended, your hips and feet on the ground. As shown in the illustration, your right elbow should be under your shoulder. Next, contract your core muscles to lift your hips up and your knees off of the floor. You can hold this position for as long as possible and then return to your starting position. Next, turn the other way and do it again.