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Spectrum auction next month, 1GB data of 5G cheaper than 4G; But the plan can be 40% expensive

There is great news for the people waiting for 5G internet service. The central government has approved the auction of 5G spectrum for the next 20 years. Telecom Ministry has said that 5G service will start within 1 year of spectrum auction.

There is great news for the people waiting for 5G internet service. The central government has approved the auction of 5G spectrum for the next 20 years. The Telecom Ministry has said that 5G service will start within 1 year of the auction of spectrum.

In such a situation, we know in today’s Bhaskar Explainer that if 5G service is implemented, then what will be its cost? How much more money will people have to pay for 5G than for 4G?

In the first phase, 5G internet will be launched in 13 cities of the country, 3 telecom companies Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio and Vodafone-Idea are working to start 5G. These companies have done tests and trials. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India i.e. TRAI has to take the final decision from which date 5G internet will be started.

This project was stalled due to non-auction of spectrum, but now after getting the approval of the auction, preparations have started for starting 5G internet. According to the report, in the first phase, 5G internet will start in 13 cities of the country, namely Chandigarh, Delhi, Lucknow, Gurugram, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Gandhinagar, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai.

Let us understand from the trend of 61 countries, the price of 5G data pack in India Three telecom companies are bringing 5G in India – Jio, Airtel and VI. In these, no company has made any disclosure about the prices of its 5G data plan so far. Therefore, it is difficult to tell exactly how much 5G tariffs will be. A trend can definitely be understood from the countries of the world where 5G service has been launched.

South Korea was the first in the world to launch 5G service in December 2018. After this, Switzerland, UK and US also launched 5G in May 2019. So far, 5G has started in more than 61 countries. Here we are comparing 4G and 5G tariff plans of selected telecom companies in the world. These figures are for 1 month unlimited plans.


5G plans will be 10-40% more expensive than 4G It is clear that unlimited 5G plans of world big telecom companies are expensive compared to 4G. Companies have increased by 10% to 40% on their own. This trend can be seen when 5G service will be launched in India. That is, even in India, 5G plans can be 10-40% more expensive than 4G.


The cost of 1 GB data will be cheaper in 5G as compared to 4G, remember the era of 2G when a whole month used to pass in 1 GB data. After the arrival of 3G, the consumption of data increased and after the arrival of 4G, 1 to 2 GB of data started being spent daily. Obviously, after the arrival of 5G, the consumption of data will increase manifold. According to the India Mobile Broadband Index 2021, data consumption in India has grown by 36% in 2020 and is likely to continue. In such a situation, experts are expecting that the unlimited plan of 5G may be expensive, but the average price of 1GB of 5G data may be less than that of 4G.

Experts say – 5G spectrum will be recovered by making 4G plans expensive. Telecom companies of India have recently increased their tariff rates by 20-25%. Experts believe that soon it can be increased further. The reason for this is the need for money for the purchase of expensive spectrum of 5G and the increased debt of the companies.

According to Isha Choudhary, Director, CRISIL Research, in countries like America, China and South Korea, the cost of 1 GB data is between $ 8-10, while in India it is less than $1. In such a situation, companies have scope to make tariffs expensive. However, this could happen by the end of this year. All companies are focused on increasing their ARPU.

Now let us also understand the difference between 5G and 4G service. The fifth generation of internet network is called 5G. It is a wireless broadband Internet service that provides high-speed Internet service through waves. It consists of three types of frequency bands from main Russia.

1. Low Frequency Band- Best in Area Coverage, Internet Speed ​​100 Mbps, Internet Speed ​​Low

2. Mid Frequency Band- Internet speed 1.5 Gbps more than low band, Area coverage less than low frequency band, Good in terms of signal

3. High Frequency Band- Internet speed maximum 20 Gbps, lowest area cover, also good in terms of signal.

5G has also stopped the speed of planes in America, even though 5G service has not started in India yet, but many controversies are coming out about it. United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said last month that the introduction of 5G services in the US would prevent the use of radio altimeters at at least 40 major airports.

According to Reuters, this will cancel, divert or delay an average of 1000 flights daily and thousands of passengers will be affected. In this, both cargo and passenger aircraft are being said to be affected. However, in this case, 5G service companies Verizon and AT&T say that 5G services have started in at least 40 other countries. There have been no complaints of any disruption in airlines in any of these countries.


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