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Indian Army had shown amazing bravery in the Korean War, you will be proud to know

72nd anniversary of the Korean War: The Indian Army also played an important role in the war between North Korea and South Korea in 1950-53. The Indian Army had treated the soldiers injured in this war in the battle field itself, for which it was highly appreciated.

72nd anniversary of the Korean War: To mark the 72nd anniversary of the Korean War, the South Korean Cultural Center has organized an exhibition on the Para field ambulance of the Indian Army. In this exhibition, 32 photos and videos related to the help and treatment of soldiers injured in the Korean War have been shown by the Military Hospital of the Indian Army. This exhibition is open to the general public from June 24 and will run till July 24.

Korean War took place in 1950-53

When the war between North and South Korea took place in 1950-53, at that time the Indian Army sent the 60th Parachute Field Ambulance Platoon to the battlefield in the Far East of Asia. This platoon ambulance of the Indian Army roamed the battlefield amidst the dangers and treated the injured soldiers.

The contingent, commanded by Lt Col AG Rangraj, was attached to the 27th Commonwealth Brigade in Korea. There were four combat surgeons, two anesthesiologists and a dentist. The total number of soldiers was 627 and it was the largest contingent of its kind during the Korean War.

Indian Army contingent also participated

60 Para Field Ambulances assisted an estimated 2.2 lakh wounded during the war and performed field surgeries for 2,324 soldiers. The army was further divided into smaller support units such as Daegu Station and Uizongbu. During this war, a total of 10 members of the unit were injured and 2 lost their lives.

As soon as the fighting (North Korea-South Korea War) subsided in 1953, India sent 5230 soldiers to form the Custodian Force India (CFI), tasked with looking after the prisoners of war (PoWs) and solving their repatriation issues. was assigned. As a Permanent Representative to the United Nations, India played a key role in mediating the peace process with the ‘Korean Armistice Agreement’ signed on July 27, 1953.

Wounded soldiers were treated in the war zone

Hwang Il-yong, Director, Korean Cultural Center India says, “Through this exhibition, the center pays tribute to 60 Para Field Ambulances and remembers that the developed Republic of Korea today was possible because of them. He said that the Korean Cultural Center will continue to create programs that play a role in developing the strong ties between Korea and India.

There is a Korean War Memorial in Delhi, which was inaugurated on May 26, 2021 under the name ‘Indo-Korea Friendship Park’. This memorial displays the contribution of the Indian Army during the Korean War.

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