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How much salary will increase due to increase in DA, you will know from this formula!

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7th Pay Commission: DA of government employees may increase soon. Lakhs of employees are waiting for the increase in their salary. It is being said that the government can make a big announcement regarding DA in July.

The government can give a big gift to the central employees in the month of July. It is reported that the DA of lakhs of government employees can be increased next month. In view of the rising inflation, the employees are in the hope that the government will increase their salary. At present, central employees are getting 34 percent DA. The government had increased the DA by 3 per cent in the month of March this year.

However, at present, no statement has come from the government on the hike of DA. But it is being said that in July, the DA of government employees may increase by 4 to 5 percent. If the government increases DA, then how will its calculation be done and how much will there be an increase in the salary of the employees. Let’s understand.

how to calculate your salary

Central employees can calculate their salary very easily. Department wise pay matrix has been made in the 7th Pay Commission (7th Pay Commission). After increasing the DA, how much the salary will increase, it will depend on the basic salary of the government employee. The pay matrix has been linked to the fitment factor. At present, the salary of government employees is made on the basis of fitment factor 2.57 times.

Basic Salary Structure

According to the 7th Pay Commission, at present, the basic salary structure is prepared from the Pay Matrix Level 3 of the employees. It starts from Rs 21,700 and goes up to a maximum of Rs 69,100. Now if a government employee wants to find out the increase in his salary after the increase in his DA, then he will have to do a little addition and subtraction.

Salary will increase so much

Suppose the basic salary of a government employee working in Delhi is Rs 21,700 per month. Now all kinds of allowances will be added to it. According to the 34 percent DA currently available in the basic salary of Rs 21,700, Rs 7,378 will be added to his salary. After this, according to the city, the house rent allowance is available at 27 percent of the basic salary. In this way Rs 5,859 will be added. Grade-3 employees also get traveling allowance of Rs 3600. Now if you add this salary, then the monthly salary will be Rs 38,537.

Now if the government increases the DA by five percent next month, then it will become 39 percent and the salary of the employees will increase by Rs 1,085 per month. DA will increase from Rs 7,378 to Rs 8,463.

Millions of employees will get benefit

At present, the government is paying 34 percent dearness allowance. The data of the AICPI index is indicating that this time the DA may increase by 4-5 percent. However, so far the government has not said anything on this.

The figures for May and June AICPI index are yet to come. If the government increases the DA of employees even by four percent, keeping in view the inflation figures, then 50 lakh employees and 65 lakh pensioners will get the benefit.

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