Delhi is not in power crisis; Centre directs NTPC and DVC to utilize quotas under the PPAs

In view of the Declared Capacity offered to Delhi DISCOMs within the last 10 days, Ministry of power issued instructions on NTPC/DVC to ensure power supply to Delhi.

This will ensure that Delhi distribution companies will have as much power as they need to meet their demands.

DVC and NTPC, the central power utilities, have been instructed to offer Delhi DISCOMS the normative declared capability (DC) as per the allocations they received under their respective PPAs. This is from their coal-based power stations. DVC and NTPC have both committed to providing Delhi with as much electricity as the DISCOMs of Delhi require.

NTPC will offer normative declared capacities (DC) to Delhi DISCOMS in addition, as per their allocations of gas-based power plants according to the terms and conditions of PPAs.

A power ministry statement stated that the gas from all sources, including SPOT, LTL-RLNG, etc, may be included in the DC to Delhi DISCOMs.

Guidelines have been issued on how to use unallocated power in order to meet increased demand for coal-based power generation. These guidelines require the States to use unallocated power to supply electricity to their consumers. In the event of excess power, the States will be asked to inform the other States so that the power can be redistributed to them.

Additionally, any State that sells power in power exchange or fails to schedule this unallocated energy may have their power temporarily reduced or withdrawn so that it can be reallocated to states in dire need.