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A Facebook whistleblower has revealed that China is spying on her

Frances Haugen, a Facebook whistleblower, repeatedly pointed out examples outside the country during much-anticipated testimony before US Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection. CNN reported that Haugen was pointing out how the social media network could be used for dangerous ends.

On Tuesday, the former product manager referred to a number of links between Facebook activity and deadly violence in Myanmar or Ethiopia and spying by China or Iran.

One senator asked Haugen if Facebook was being used by terrorist-based or authoritarian leaders around the globe. He replied that it is “definitely” occurring and that Facebook is aware of it.

Her last job at Facebook was as a counterespionage officer. She says that they “directly tracked Chinese participation on the platform.” Surveilling, for example, Uyghur population around the globe, this team she said, “directly” She said that it was possible to find Chinese people if they did these types of things.

According to a report, Facebook security personnel revealed in March that Chinese hackers had attacked Uyghur journalists and activists living outside of the country using fake Facebook accounts and malware.

Haugen’s team also saw “the active participation by, say, Iran government in spying on other state actors.” She said that this is definitely something that is occurring.

Mike Dvilyanski (Facebook’s head for cyber espionage investigation) told CNN this summer that the company had removed “less than 200 operational accounts” from its platform in connection with the Iranian spying campaign. He also informed a similar number Facebook users who may have been affected by the group.

Haugen said that the continuing proliferation of these threats was due to “a consistent understaffing (Facebook’s) counterespionage info operation and terrorist team”. She also stated that she was speaking with other parts Congress about them.

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