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Aaditya Thackeray claims rebel MLAs have sold their souls

Shiv Sena leader Aaditya Thickeray attacked the rebel MLAs who are staying at a Guwahati Hotel. She accused them of “betraying the party” and stated, “dirt has gone from Shiv Sena.”
Thackeray addressed Shivsainiks at Mumbai, amid the political crisis faced in Maharashtra by the MVA government. He stated that the party rebels were “enjoying in Guwahati” while Assam dealt with floods in certain parts of the state.
He stated that Eknath Shindu, the leader of the rebel group, was offered the Chief Minister’s post in May, but “he did drama”.
“Many people told us that Congress & NCP will betray us but our people betrayed us. Many MLAs that were watchmen and rickshaw drivers or paan shopkeepers were made Ministers. Uddhav Thackeray offered (Eknath Shinde) the CM position on 20 May and he performed drama,” Aaditya Thckeray stated.
He stated that there was anger among party workers about the actions of rebel party members.
“I understand your strength and zeal, but I can also see your anger. I have been visiting Shivsainiks, and I can see that there is much anger among them. “But there is one positive: the dirt has disappeared from Shiv Sena,” said he.
Aaditya Thckeray claimed that rebel MLAs ate to the tune of Rs 9. lakh per day, and that they were using private choppers.
“They (rebel MLAs) went to Guwahati where there’s a flood situation & many people are without shelter & food. They are having a great time there. They are enjoying their meals and taking private choppers. They are shameful,” he said.

Aaditya Thckeray referred to Income Tax searches earlier this summer on party corporator Yashwant jadhav, the husband of Yamini Jadhav. She said they had protested actions of the Income Tax Department, but her remarks had brought his eyes to tears.
“When there was a raid on Yamini Jadhav (rebel MLA) & Yashwant, we came out on streets. Y’day Yamini jadhav stated that it was unnecessary. Many had suggested that they should not be given the chance, but we allowed them to. He said that the words she spoke yesterday brought tears to his eyes.
The rebel group and the Shiv Sena camp headed by Chief Minister Uddhav Thckeray have been trying to outmanoeuvre one another. Shinde was removed from the leadership of the legislative party by the Thackeray group and a chief whip was appointed. Shinde’s supporters wrote to state Governor to confirm that he remains the leader for the Shiv Sena legislature group. They also appointed a chief whip.
The Supreme Court has granted interim relief to Shinde, and other MLAs, to respond to disqualification notices issued by the Deputy speaker of Maharashtra Assembly. This was Monday at 5.30 pm.
The Deputy Speaker granted them the time to respond by Monday at 5.30pm.
The Shinde group had filed petitions challenging disqualification notices from 16 rebel MLAs. Ajay Choudhary was also appointed leader of Shiv Sena Legislature Party.
The bench also sent notices to Ajay Chaudhary (Deputy Speaker), Secretary of Maharashtra State Legislative Assembly and Sunil Prabhu, asking them to respond within five days.
The Supreme Court received a request to provide security for 39 MLAs who claimed they were being threatened. Rahul Chitnis (standing counsel to the Maharashtra government) stated that sufficient steps had been taken and that the state government will continue to protect the lives, liberty, and property of the MLAs.
Neeraj Kishankaul, a senior advocate appearing for Eknath Shikde and others, told the Supreme Court during the hearing that the Deputy Speaker could not proceed with the disqualification proceedings while the resolution seeking his removal was pending.


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