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AAP accuses BJP of making false statements, gave this advice to Manoj Tiwari

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AAP accuses BJP in Delhi: AAP MLA Rituraj Jha has spoken openly on the allegations of Manoj Tiwari and Delhi State President Adesh Gupta.

AAP accuses BJP in Delhi: MLA Rituraj Jha has targeted BJP leader Manoj Tiwari and Delhi State President Adesh Gupta. He advised both of them that they should avoid ‘tuchchi politics’. Aam Aadmi Party MLA from Kirari, Rituraj Jha, in a conversation with ZEE NEWS, categorically rejected all the allegations made by BJP MP Manoj Tiwari regarding the hospital scam.

Brought to the hospital day and night one by one
Kirari MLA Rituraj Jha advised Manoj Tiwari and Delhi State President Adesh Gupta to talk further with the facts, ‘little politics’ should be avoided. Have done one day and night, then have been able to bring a hospital for the people of Kirari. MLA Rituraj told that this hospital is not only the people of Kirari but my own dream, we have struggled for a long time and took the land day after night and then the government started work on it.

Why is it off work for 4 months?
Further, he said, for the last 4 months, the work is stopped because due to more moisture and water in the ground, now it has to be constructed from the pile formation, we are still in constant effort that the people here get the hospital as soon as possible. The MLA told that the work of 7 hospitals started simultaneously, about 70% of all the work was completed, but because of the land we got, we could not even lay the foundation stone.

Had come, would have called us too
Local MLA Rituraj Jha, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari and President Adesh Gupta were furious. He said that Manoj Tiwari is an MP, he has a government at the Centre, he has got so many hospitals built, those who came here to do politics. If you had come earlier, you would have done complete information. Making further allegations, the AAP MLA said that how did Rani Laxmi Bai flyover get built at 10 times the cost in so many years? Give information about what happened in Sultanpuri and Barapula.

What is the truth about the hospital?

According to the papers shown by the MLA-
On 4 August 2020, there was a discussion about this hospital for the first time.
– Department writes letter to DDA 24/04/2020
Joint inspection will be held on 19/01/2021, it has been decided.
– On 10/02/2021 the DDA allots the land, three and a half acres, conditional that if the hospital is not built in three years, then the land will be taken back. The cost of the entire land is Rs 48 in which Rs 45 is the file charge and Rs 3 is the cost of the land.
Its possession was taken on 22 March 2021.
– SAM INDIA BUILT WELL PRIVATE LIMITED got the tender through online bid on 28th July 2021.

Why couldn’t the work of Kirari’s hospital start?
According to the information, the work started only after the tender was finalized in July, but the land allotted by the DDA for the hospital is a land with a lot of moisture and water. In the beginning itself, pump and bore were used to remove the water, but the condition is such that still water is visible on one foot. Because of which a strong basement could not be prepared. Now the hospital is to be constructed from the pile formation for which the labor work has been completed. The MLA is hopeful that soon the dream of his hospital in Kirari will be fulfilled.

There is a ruckus on the site of PWD
Let us tell you that on June 22, MP Manoj Tiwari had made big allegations against the Delhi government regarding the hospitals regarding the information taken from the site of PWD. In response, the MLA said that the authenticity of this paper may be checked and there may be a manual mistake, we have also asked to get it checked as to which paper Manoj Tiwari is roaming around with.

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