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Adil, Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend, wants her to be “more covered”

Rakhi Sawant’s relationship with Adil Khan Durrani is making headlines once again. She shared a photo of him gifting her a BMW. He also stated to her that Adil bought a house in Dubai in her name.

Rakhi’s boyfriend, however, has problems with Rakhi dressing up. He wants her to wear less flashy clothes.

He stated to the media, “It’s just that I feel she should dress in dresses which are less glamorous but more covered.”

Rakhi also talked about how serious they are about their relationship, and that he introduced Rakhi to his family.

Adil admitted that there was some resistance from his family, but he appreciated Rakhi’s telling him about her past.

Rakhi recently claimed that Roshina Delvari, his ex girlfriend, called Rakhi. Roshina told Rakhi how many times Adil had met her and Rakhi requested her to stop contacting him.


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