Aetasha Sansgiri explains how and why she was prepared to play Queen Ahilyabai

Aetashaa has played the role of Ahilyabai Holkar, a grown-up protagonist in the television series Punyashlok Ahilyabai. It is based on Queen Ahilyabai Holkar’s life.

The show saw a leap of seven years and Ahilyabai has begun a new chapter, called “Yuva Adhyay”.

The actress had to be prepared to play the role of the historical figure in the period drama.

Aetashaa spoke out about the preparation process. You don’t want the camera to start rolling. Instead, you want to bring out the character the best possible. Aetashaa began her TV career in 2018 with the Marathi series ‘Choti Malkin.

She said that she worked hard to become the character’s skin.

She said that she attended numerous workshops, improved my diction and learned extensive horse-riding skills. Because there is no other way to portray the character convincingly, I want to make sure that no stone is left unturned. I look forward to the reactions and reviews from viewers. Fingers crossed.” “Punyashlok Ahilyabai” airs on Sony Entertainment Television.