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Amazon Alexa will talk to you in the voice of people leaving the world

Amazon Alexa: Voice assistants have made many tasks easier in our lives. Soon Amazon can offer a new feature in its voice assistant Alexa. Due to this feature, people can use Alexa in the voice of a dead person. Let’s know its…

Technology is getting better every day. With it getting better, new possibilities are also getting wings. Google Voice Assistant and Alexa are some examples of such possibilities, which are now with us in reality. Many years ago, the mention of such AI was seen in films.

Then many people like me and you used to think that will any such technology come in our real life also? Now this technology has become common in many homes. But as already mentioned technology is getting better every day.

We can get to see one such developed feature in Amazon’s Alexa. According to the reports, the company is working on a new feature. With the help of this feature, Alexa can talk to you in the voice of a dead person.

Alexa will talk in the voice of dead people

Everyone feels the grief of the passing of a close relative. No person can stay with us forever, but his memories are always alive in our mind. Some similar feature can be seen in Alexa in future.

According to the company, the purpose of this project is to ‘keep the memories alive’ of the people. Amazon is working on a feature that will allow Alexa to imitate someone’s voice. This information has been given by the company’s Senior Vice President Rohit Prasad.

If Rohit is to be believed, he is working on this feature to keep people’s memory for a long time. This will ease the pain of losing someone.

The company showed the demo of the feature

He has also shown a demo of it. Rohit plays a video, in which the child speaks to Alexa that ‘Can Grandma Mother recite The Wizard of OZ’. Alexa answers this in OK and starts reading the story in the voice of the child’s grandmother.

It is not known when this feature will be released. However, this feature can also have many security flaws. Possibly someone can use the voice of a celebrity without their consent.

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