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Amazon will allow Alexa to imitate the voice of a deceased person

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Amazon plans to create a way for Alexa voice assistant users, even after their death, to communicate with their loved ones.
TechCrunch reports that the online retailer revealed its plans to create a system that allows Alexa to imitate any voice, after listening to less than a minute’s worth of audio at its annual re-Mars conference in Las Vegas today.
“This required inventions that allowed us to produce high-quality voices in a very short time, versus hours of recording in a studio. The way we did it was by framing it as a voice transformation task and not a speech generation path. Rohit Prasad, Amazon’s Senior Vice President, Head Scientist for Alexa said that we are living in an era of AI where science fictions and dreams are becoming reality.
Many netizens shared their opinions after learning about the development. Many people said that the technology could be used to scam or create false narratives about individuals.

“I’m so sad, last month I deleted several voicemails because my phone was getting full. Then, a couple of days later, my father died. I have the videos that his girlfriend had of him playing guitar and singing, so I have them. “But now I’m afraid of deleting voicemails ever,” tweeted a Twitterati.
Another one said, “Funny thing about them is that they love introducing all the “new technology” all cutesy and sweet but really they are using it IN THE BACKROUND for other devious bullshit.”
“This (or a similar) tech has been used (mostly) in corporate fraud. In ex, someone calls the secretary sounding as if it is the boss calling and asks for an urgent bank transfer from the accountant . This product must have a license. A netizen said, “Sad lobbypower.”
A demonstration video showed a child saying, “Alexa! Grandma, can you finish reading me The Wizard of Oz?” Amazon didn’t say when this feature would be available to the public.

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