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American Children Uninsured

The US has currently 9 million uninsured kids. Census data indicates that 70% of the children are in families where at least one parent is working full-time. These same data indicate that approximately two thirds of the children could be eligible for government-sponsored insurance if their parents apply. People who are uninsured are more likely to be without critical medical care. This includes vaccinations and treatment for potentially fatal diseases. This is particularly true for children, who are dependent on their parents as well as the social agencies that they can access. This is due to the complicated enrollment process, as well as a lack of information about the programs, which are the main reasons so many eligible children do not enroll in government-sponsored health insurance programs.

Maybe the government is happy to keep things as they are, in order to avoid having to pay for the health care of all eligible children. There’s no reason to make the enrollment process complicated for government-sponsored insurance. To prove financial eligibility, everything could be completed on one sheet of paper. These forms are easily accessible at any hospital or doctor’s office. These forms could be easy enough for anyone to understand and take the time to complete.

If the government wanted to allocate sufficient resources to offer health insurance, the parents would not be able to know about the available programs. There is money, but it’s not always used efficiently. It is important to advertise the availability of public health insurance for children who are eligible. Schools could send home notes to children from the public schools. Hospitals could provide information and assist parents in enrolling their newborns. Information could be sent by the IRS to qualifying families. If the enrollment process was simple and easy, and parents were aware of the existence of the programs available, the United States could have 3 million children with no health insurance instead 9 million. It’s a significant difference.


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