Apple iOS 15.0.2 is now available; find out what’s new with this update

It is important to update iOS devices like the Apple iPhone and iPad quickly. Apple has released version 2 of iOS 15. The tech giant is encouraging users to update as soon as possible because they discovered a zero-day vulnerability that could affect several Apple tablets and smartphones. This vulnerability is being actively exploited by hackers.

Apple released iOS 15.0.2 and iPadOS 15.0.2 updates Monday. They also announced that hackers are going after a number of devices, including the iPad mini 4, iPad 5th Generation, iPad Air 2 (and later), iPhone 6s, and the 7th Generation iPod.

Hackers are active exploiting the vulnerabilities

According to the company, a bug called IOMobileFrameBuffer was found in the devices. If the hackers can exploit it correctly, they will be able execute arbitrary code on any Apple device with kernel privileges. The hackers could hijack devices and do whatever they like. They can steal your data and inject malware.

Apple announced that the zero-day was discovered by an anonymous researcher. However, Apple did not provide any details, such as who the target audience is or how it was discovered. This designation is CVE-2023-0883.

It is unclear if the security flaw is allowing multiple devices to be exploited. You should therefore not wait for it to become apparent. It is imperative that you update your devices immediately. If you don’t, your online security and data may be compromised.

This is the 17th zero-patch made to Apple products this year. The previous zero patch was in September, when Apple announced an emergency security update. Reports claim that the September vulnerability had been able to infiltrate 1.65 billion devices through spyware over several months.