Are you able to tell when is the right time to eat these 6 healthy foods? You will be sick!

People are more conscious of their diet and their health. They are more aware of what foods to eat and which ones to avoid. These 6 healthy foods are often overlooked by people. This includes knowing when to eat what and how much. People’s health can start to decline if they don’t know what to eat. We are here to tell you when you should eat these healthy foods, so you don’t get sick from eating the wrong food.

Rice – The afternoon is the best time to eat rice, i.e. lunchtime. Rice during the day increases metabolism. Rice provides a lot of energy and carbs. The rice should be eaten at night. If you do, your weight will increase.

Milk – Drink milk at night. Drinking milk at night can provide relief and lead to better sleep. Drinking milk in the morning is best because it can be difficult to digest. Babies can have milk in the morning as they require more energy.

Curd – You can eat curd throughout the day, and then have breakfast in the morning. This will improve digestion. Probiotic-rich yogurt is cooling so curd shouldn’t be eaten at night. This causes a problem with cold: cold, cough, and mucus.

Sugar- You should eat sugar at lunch. This helps to energize the body. Sugar should be avoided at night as it can lead to obesity and heart disease.

Apple – A good thing to eat in the morning is an apple. It cures digestive problems. Apple should not be eaten at night or in the evening, as it contains natural acids. Gas can form in the stomach.

Bananas- A potassium-rich banana is a good choice after breakfast, or after a workout. This boosts our immune system and improves skin quality. Bananas should not be eaten at nights. This could cause problems with your mucus or indigestion.