Arjun Kapoor: Not for immediate results, but for long-term success

Arjun Kapoor, actor and director of Arjun Kapoor said he is encouraged by the appreciation he has received for his physical transformation. He added that it was important to plan long-term in order to stay healthy and not only focus on short-term results.

Arjun, who has been fighting obesity for a long time, is eager to share the knowledge he gained from his trainer and food curator through social media to help others.

He stated, “It’s really encouraging to see people appreciate the hard work I put in. It’s great to strive to improve. My trainer Drew Neal, Akshat Arora and my nutritionist, Akshat Arora, have been instrumental in keeping me on track.

“I feel really fortunate that they keep me focused on my fitness goals every day. According to the actor, a lot people have asked him to share his transformation. He is considering starting chats on social media with his trainer and food curator to “discuss how you can transform your body without pushing yourself to the edge”.

He said, “It doesn’t have to be done in a way that could cause adverse effects on my body and health.” To stay healthy and fit, one should plan for the long-term and not only focus on short-term results. Arjun has released ‘Bhoot police’, his latest release. Next, he will be seen in “Ek Villain Returns”.