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Arjun Kapoor shows how he has physically changed

Arjun Kapoor overcame obesity and triumphed. With the new trailer, he appears to be healthier than ever.

Ek Villain Returns
Ek Villain returns

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor who will appear in the film ‘Ek Villian 2’, has recently spoken about his body transformation for the role which the trailer of the film shows in all splendor. He was overweight but was able overcome it. Now he is stronger than ever and ready to go all out.

In the same vein actor comments, “I’m overwhelmed by the appreciation that I’ve received for ‘ Ek Villain 2 trailer. It’s been a long, difficult journey for me to achieve the transformation that I love. It’s been a long battle due to my health issues, but I appreciate everyone’s assistance.

“I’m happy with myself for being consistent and putting in the long hours in the gym and for eating healthy every day and being able to mentally make my health an absolute priority.”

On the screen, Arjun is shown in the scene saying “Maar De Par Mein Uthta Raahunga Akhri Saans Tak”. Many have drawn parallels to his real life, in which trolls constantly attempted to sabotage him but he’s always found the courage to rise stronger!

He said, “It has not been difficult, but the experience is sweeter after having seen the beautiful reactions. People have sometimes criticised me. They didn’t know the extent of my pain. I didn’t reveal too. Their comments inspired me to return.

“So to all who has trolled me, who criticized me, who detested me, I thank you. You gave me the energy I needed to become a better person. I’ll always be work-in-progress progress, and I’m happy with the fact that I’ll keep working at it and continue to come back to learn more,” he added.

“Ek Villain 2” includes John Abraham and Disha Pataniin’s crucial roles. Arjun has a diverse list of films lined-up for the coming year.

In addition to ‘Ek Villian, 2 The actor is also set to appear in Aasman Bhardwaj’s “Kuttey” as well as Ajay Bahl’s ‘The Ladieskiller’.



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