Arshi Khan is upset after being trolled for Ganesh chaturthi wishes

Arshi Khan, actress, says she is upset by cyber bullies who trolled and teased her for wishing everyone a happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

“In India, we all celebrate every festival with joy. My Hindu friends are there to celebrate Eid with me. I also celebrate Ganpati, Diwali together. This is not an issue to me. People started to object after I posted photos of me celebrating Ganpati. Some people said that I was doing it to get publicity. Others said that it wasn’t my festival. Some questioned my religion. Arshi says, “I was literally shocked.”

The actress believes that those who cause a division between religions are not actually following God.

“Those who cause divisions and fights among people because of their religion don’t belong in any religion.” She says they don’t believe in any God.

Arshi Khan is best known for her participation in the reality TV series ‘Bigg Boss. Next, the actress will appear in Bollywood film ‘Trahimam.