Bani J and Sayani Gupta discuss their visions of happiness-ever-after

Actress Sayani Gupta, VJ-turned-actress BaniJ, both of whom believe that depictions of love, romance, and ‘happily ever-after’ somewhere influence real life, shared their thoughts.

Bani answered a question about her vision of a happily-ever after. I am surrounded by people I love and who care about my well-being. We can share our love and appreciation for one another. I have the opportunity to travel, meet people I love, make projects I am passionate about, and participate in creative projects that truly fulfill me. I consider this the best thing I have ever done. I can also train whenever I like.” Sayani, on the other hand, said that she is the romantic one in a relationship.

She stated, “I am quite the romantic and would love to believe there is someone with whom I can live happily ever after.” Although I don’t think I’m looking for the right one, I do hope that I will find him some day. I believe that happiness is achieved through a partnership. There will be disagreements, quarrels and differences. Instead, you work together to find the best solution and have enough humor and love in your relationship to move forward. They were speaking as part of a chat show called “Dating These Days 2.0”, which is part of Bumble’s dating app.

Bumble releases ‘Dating These Days 2.0″ on its YouTube channel.