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Best characters in Free Fire Max; Ranked mode

Garena has released an upgraded version of the Free Fire just a few days ago. The upgraded version of the Free Fire Max has been a huge success. It offers better graphics, better weapons, and a better gaming experience. Characters play an important part in both Free Fire Max versions. They have unique abilities and some of them are very special. The chances of winning on the battlefield increase if the players choose the right characters. Some players are more focused on selecting the right characters to achieve higher ranks and reach the highest tiers. We have listed the most effective characters in Free Fire Max. Please read the article until the end.

The best characters in Free Fire Max


Dimitri is the well-known DJ Dimitri Vegas. The latest update included a healing ability that creates a 3.5m healing zone for users. If knocked out, the character can recover by itself and can obtain their own backup. This ability lasts for 15 seconds before a 60-second cool down is applied.


The character of Chrono is a favorite choice for high ranking players. The recent OB30 patch made the time-turner ability ineffective. The Time Turner creates a force field which provides instant protection and protects against damage from foes. This ability activates for 10 seconds, then has a 220 second cooling down.


Wukong is the preferred character in Clash Squad mode. He also has a huge impact on battle royal matches. Camouflage allows Wukong to transform into a bush, reducing movement speed by 20%. This ability can be activated for 15 seconds, and then it is stopped for 300 seconds.


Alok, due to its drop beat ability is the best character in Garena Free Fire Max. It constantly heals players on the battlefield. This ability is activated for 10 seconds, followed by a 45-second cooldown.

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