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Biden and Xi to abide Taiwan pact

BBC reports that Joe Biden, the US President, stated that he and Xi Jinping had agreed to abide “Taiwan Agreement”.

Biden seemed to be referring specifically to Washington’s “one China” policy, which recognizes China over Taiwan.

This agreement allows Washington to have a “robust informal” relationship with Taiwan.

This announcement was made amid rising tensions between Taiwanese and Beijing.

For four consecutive days, it has flown record numbers of military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense zone. This could be seen by some analysts as a warning to Taiwanese president before the island’s national holiday.

Taiwan is a sovereign country with its own constitution, military and democratically elected leaders.

Beijing views Taiwan as a separatist province. However, Beijing has not ruled out using force to unify with Taiwan.

Biden and Xi may have referred to the “One China” policy. However, it is a crucial cornerstone of Sino–US relations. It is different from the One China principle whereby China insists Taiwan remains an inalienable component of one China that must be reunified one-day.

“I spoke with (Mr. Xi) about Taiwan. “We agree…we’ll abide the Taiwan agreement,” stated President Biden. “We made it clear to him that he shouldn’t be doing anything but abiding by the agreement.

On Wednesday, Taiwan’s defense minister stated that military tensions between China and Taiwan were at their worst in over 40 years.

Chiu Kuocheng stated that China was capable of invading Taiwan on a large scale by 2025.

The report stated that analysts have warned previously that Beijing is increasingly worried that Taiwan’s government is pushing the island towards a formal declaration if independence and is trying to stop its President Tsai-Ing-wen taking any steps in this direction.

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