“Bigg Boss 15”: Jay and Simba pull their legs, Miesha and Ieshaan get closer

Bigg Boss is full of fun and interesting elements. There is always something for the audience to enjoy, whether it be in the form romance, fights, or new tasks.

Tuesday’s episode will feature contestants engaged in another task, ‘Daaku Ka Kabza. In which the ‘junglewaasis” (dacoits) transform into terrifying daakus (dacoits), the contestants will be busy. This task is complex.

Tejasswi, meanwhile, dials up the flirt factor with the ‘gundas. She charms and humours.

The ‘junglewaasis are feared in the wild, but the gharwaasis receive a letter from the government and begin to plan for the end of the daakus.

As they come up with all sorts of strategies to defeat the “gunda gang”, this battle becomes intense. Karan intends to keep their rivals apart by using every means necessary. This then escalates into pulling them away. As Shamita stands against violence in this contest, there are a lot of fights in the house. The game becomes more difficult as the tasks become more difficult.

Jay and Simba are pulling their legs, and love is still in the air for Ieshaan & Miesha.

Vishal, on the other hand is a fan of Amitabh Bachchan. He says that he watched ‘Deewaar as a child and was inspired to become an actor by ‘Big B.’ This heartfelt moment makes him cry as he recalls his childhood memories.

COLORS airs ‘Bigg Boss 15’ Monday through Friday at 10.30 p.m., and Saturday-Sunday from 9.30 p.m.