‘Bigg Boss 15’: Love lost, friendships broken inside the house

Every day is more exciting for ‘Bigg Boss 15’ with new game plans and strategies from contestants and growing rivalries.

The ‘junglewaasis” has been tested to the limit by living in the wild. They are eager to return to their home to live comfortably. After a long wait, Bigg Boss has finally given them the opportunity to live comfortably again.

They brace themselves for the task as ‘junglewaasis” break into groups to accomplish this task. Vishal Kotian, however, finds a way to get back in the house. Vishal approaches Shamita Shetty with his plan, knowing that Shamita is the ‘Sanchalak’ who decides which team will win.

He cleverly convinces Shamita that it would be beneficial for her to have him and his team in her home. Shamita makes her decision to vote for Team Tiger. However, the opposing team detects foul play and starts arguing with Shamita. Shamita took this brave step and will now have to face the wrath from the ‘junglewaasis,’ who are determined to take Shamita down with them.

Jay Bhanushali and Karan Kudrra, who are good friends this season, start a new conflict. Karan raises objections to Jay’s swearing but the latter holds firm. He disagrees with Karan.

Karan however points out that Jay hasn’t been in his best form, unlike Pratik. Unexpectedly, Jay starts to lose close friends on the show. Only time will reveal what happens.

Things aren’t going well in Ieshaan’s and Miesha’s lives. A dispute has erupted, which threatens to end their relationship. Ieshaan is dissatisfied that Miesha has been openly discussing their relationship. He assumes everyone is laughing at them. She is upset and asks him to stop. This is the end of their sweet, bittersweet relationship.