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Have you ever seen the National Highway with such big potholes? This video will surprise

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Looking at the pictures of NH 227 passing through Bihar’s Madhubani, it is difficult to believe that it is a National Highway. Actually, the condition of this National Highway is such that there are huge potholes on it step by step and it is filled with water. Everyone big and small from this road…

Seeing the condition of a road in Madhubani, Bihar, it is surprising how many potholes have become on the road. Whether there is a road in the potholes or there are potholes on the road, it is difficult to say by looking at the road of Bihar. These days water is filled in such big pits at every step. Heavy vehicles like trucks and two wheelers also pass through this road. People say that this road is in this condition for many years, but no one responsible has paid attention to it.

This road is called NH 227L. This road goes from Kaluahi to Umgaon via Basopatti. The condition of this road is very bad for about 200 meters near Basopatti market. Huge potholes remain a big problem in this 200 meter radius.

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During the rainy season, the local people as well as the market-goers have to face trouble. BJP MLA Arun Shankar Prasad’s house is also in this market. Also RP MANDAL is MP from JDU from this area. Despite this, none of the MPs or MLAs cared about the plight of this road.

Local people say that this road was built about 10-12 years ago, but then no one looked back. No proposal has come from the Center to build this road. Many times an exercise was made to build the road, but every time the road could not be built due to lack of coordination between the leaders and the contractor. Madhubani District Magistrate Amit Kumar said that we have directed the department to make the road walkable within a week. The department has started work on this.

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