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All is well in JDU-BJP? The minister said – there is a dispute between husband and wife

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In Bihar, there are reports of tussle between JDU and BJP. Now minister and JDU leader Vijendra Prasad Yadav has given a big statement on this issue. He compared the relationship between BJP-JDU to that of husband and wife.

Bihar is a politically conscious state, where it is said that the political events of the country always have an impact on the state. But now it is not so. Because the knot between BJP and JDU has become stronger. Senior minister in Bihar government and JDU leader Vijendra Prasad Yadav believes so.

In gestures, he has given the name of husband and wife to both the parties. He said that the relationship of alliance is similar to that of husband and wife. No matter how bitter it gets, the relationship does not break. We are different parties, our ideology is different. That’s why the mess keeps happening. This does not mean that there should be any effect on the government. We are also one in the cabinet and any work is done with our consent.

Now think for yourself, this statement of Vijender Yadav has come at a time when there is a ruckus in Bihar regarding the Centre’s Agneepath scheme. JDU national president Lalan Singh and BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal have clashed with the spokespersons of both the parties. Meanwhile, this statement of Vijendra Prasad is going to make the political atmosphere pleasant. Vijendra, while giving his reaction to the incident in Maharashtra, said that nothing is going to happen in Bihar like Maharashtra. Can there be an attempt to break JDU here too? On this, the minister smiled and said that the leader should have the power, which will keep the party united. Nitish Kumar knows well to run the party. Meanwhile, journalists asked him that all is not looking well between BJP-JDU.

Clarifying the relationship between both the parties, he said in a quirky manner that there is a tussle between husband and wife as well. It doesn’t mean that the relationship breaks down. The same is true of alliance as well. There is a rift between us, but everything is fine. We are together, the government is completely safe in Bihar. When asked on the ongoing ruckus between the two parties regarding the Agneepath scheme, he said that coalition parties are not slaves of each other. have allies. That is why they have their own opinion on any subject.

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