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Bipartisan roadblock coming Amazon and Alphabet, Alphabet, Apple, and Facebook next week

NEW YORK OCT 16 – A group of US lawmakers led by Senators Amy Klobuchar (Democrat) and Chuck Grassley (Republican), will introduce legislation to prevent Big Tech platforms such as Alphabet’s Google from favoring their own stuff.

The Klobuchar/Grassley number aims to rein in tech firms, including the industry leaders Apple and Facebook. Although past attempts at these lines have failed, one of the Senate’s larger measures to increase antitrust enforcement resources has been passed.

According to a Reuters investigation, Amazon is being accused of using third-party seller data to decide which products it would create, according this week’s Reuters report.

Reuters stated that it had reviewed “thousands” of Amazon documents and found that the US company’s India operations engaged in a systematic campaign to create knockoffs and manipulate search results to increase its private brand in India, which is one of the largest growth markets. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook pose real risks for teens and children. Klobuchar tweeted that Klobuchar met with Minnesota families today to discuss their concerns about the content being pushed to their children and how these platforms are using data.

“When dominant tech companies exclude competitors and kill competition, it can hurt small businesses and increase costs for YOU. “My new bipartisan legislation together with @ChuckGrassley would establish new rules of road to stop large companies from boxing in their smaller competitors,” said the breast cancer survivor, who gave her presidential running mate slot for Kamala Harris. She also added a timeline with 1.7million.

“BigTech is controlling/dominant over what Americans can see/say/buy. They are gatekeepers for other biz to reach consumers.

IANS reviewed the complete statement from Thursday and found it to be a concern for Big Tech. The American Innovation and Choice Online Act establishes commonsense rules for major digital platforms so that they can’t unfairly prefer their products and services. US Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Chairwoman, Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Competition Policy, Antitrust and Consumer Rights, and Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Senator Chuck Grassley, (R-IA), announced today that they will introduce bipartisan legislation in order to restore competition online. They will establish commonsense rules for dominant digital platforms so they can’t abuse their market power to harm consumers, competition, and online businesses. This legislation is cosponsored Senators Dick Durbin, Lindsey Graham, Richard Blumenthal (D–CT), John Kennedy(R-LA), Cory Booker(D-NJ), Cynthia Lummis (“R-WY”) and Mazie Hirono [D-HI], Mark Warner (D–VA), and Josh Hawley” (R–MO). The House Judiciary Committee voted down a similar bill introduced by a bipartisan group that included Chairman of House Antitrust Subcommittee David N. Cicilline (D-RI), Ranking Member Ken Buck, (R-CO), and John Kennedy (R-LA). Klobuchar stated that American prosperity was built upon open markets and fair competition. However, the House Judiciary Committee voted down a similar version of the bill.

“As the dominant digital platforms — some the largest companies the world has ever seen – increasingly give preference to their products and services, it is important to put policies in place so that small businesses and entrepreneurs have the chance to succeed in this digital marketplace. This bill will accomplish that while giving consumers more choice online. This legislation is a much-needed one. I am proud to present it with Senator Grassley, Chair Durbin and a bipartisan group. I look forward for it to pass the Senate and be signed into law. Our laws have not changed over the years as Big Tech has evolved and changed. This is to ensure that these companies can compete fairly. These companies are now a bigger part of our daily lives and the global economy. They control what we see and how much we interact on the internet.” said Grassley.

Big Tech must be held responsible for discriminatory behavior. This bill will create an equal playing field for small businesses and allow them to compete with these platforms. Competition is only possible if you have the right to choose. American consumers have been denied critical information about market options. Durbin stated that this bill will combat Big Tech’s strong arm tactics to disadvantage consumers and exclude other competitors in the market.

“The American Innovation and Choice Online Act, bipartisan, bicameral legislation, will establish clear rules for fair competition online. It bans monopolistic behavior that favors platform monopolies and against American workers, consumers, and businesses. This important effort was led by the Senate Chairwoman Klobuchar, Chairman Durbin and Ranking Member Grassley. Cicilline stated that Congress must act quickly to pass this important legislation.

“I am delighted that Senators Grassley & Klobuchar have presented the Senate companion bill to the House’s anti-discrimination legislation. Yesterday, we heard about Amazon’s self-preferencing and use of third-party information. This bill would make it illegal. Both Republicans and Democrats from both chambers of Congress share the same determination to stop Big Tech’s most egregious abuses. Buck stated that Congress must pass this legislation.

“This legislation will end Big Tech’s market manipulation and self-serving. Tech giants have used their market dominance for too long to unfairly increase their products and services, and to disadvantage their competitors. Blumenthal stated, “I’m proud to support this bipartisan bill that levelizes the playing field, ensuring that smaller competitors have a fighting chance, and consumers have more choices at fairer prices.”

“Big Tech has a history of unfairly restricting consumer choices and thwarting the free-market competition,” Kennedy stated. Kennedy stated that the American Innovation and Choice Online Act would allow consumers to have more choices at affordable prices online. This is exactly what the American economy should do.

Booker stated that some of the nation’s most powerful tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google have been accused of prioritizing their products on their platforms and using their market power in order to outdo competitors and limit consumers’ choices.

“These discriminatory practices are a problem for far too long. It’s now that Congress must step in and restore competition to the digital market. The American Innovation and Choice Online Act would make the largest tech platforms responsible by banning discriminatory practices and ensuring that all other players can compete in the market. Big Tech platforms use the data they gather from companies to gain unfair advantage for themselves, despite the lack of meaningful regulations. These practices have stifled creativity and made it difficult for consumers to choose. Lummis stated that the American Innovation and Choice Online Act would equalize the playing field and ensure Wyoming consumers and merchants have equal access to the market.

“Our competition laws are not keeping up with the economy of today.” Hirono stated that online giants such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google have rolled over potential competitors to harm consumers.

The American Innovation and Choice Online Act will prevent tech giants from preferencing other products. This will allow for real competition in the online marketplace. Fair rules are essential for a digital economy that works for all Americans and all innovators. Warner stated that this bill will ensure that dominant platforms don’t engage in discriminatory behavior or self-preferencing that favors them and cements their dominance.

Hawley stated, “For too many years, Big Tech has run roughshod über small businesses, while lax antitrust enforcers refuse to do anything.” This is no longer the case. These issues are finally being taken seriously by Congress. The bill will ban much of the self-preferring and discrimination that tech companies are currently able to get away with. The American Innovation and Choice Online Act, as a joint statement, will: Establish clear and effective rules to protect competition and users who do business on dominant online platforms. This includes: Requiring businesses to purchase goods or services from dominant platforms to be preferred placements on their platform; Misusing data of businesses to compete against them; and Biasing search result results in favor of the dominant company.

Antitrust enforcers should have strong and flexible tools to prevent violations and to hold dominant platforms responsible when they violate the law. This includes significant civil penalties, authority for broad injunctions, emergency relief and possible forfeiture of executive compensation.

The most economically important online platforms that have large US users are “critical trading partners” and must be prevented from self-preferencing or discriminatory conduct. These platforms are allowed to engage in pro-consumer conduct and innovate.

Klobuchar’s office stated that the bill would be presented next week. It would go along with a House Judiciary Committee-passed measure. To become law, it must be approved by both houses of Congress.

The Klobuchar and Grassley bills would prohibit platforms from requiring companies to use their platforms to buy the platform’s goods and services. They also ban them from biasing search results in favor of the platform.

Klobuchar stated that “as the dominant digital platforms – some of the largest companies the world has ever seen- increasingly give preference towards their own products, we must set policies to ensure that small businesses and entrepreneurs still enjoy the chance to succeed in digital marketplace.”

Amazon lists the book “Taking on Monopoly Power From the Gilded Age To the Digital Age” by the Minnesota senator as a “national bestseller”.

Klobuchar was running for the Democratic presidential nomination 2020. Although she campaigned as moderate, she struggled to gain traction among the crowded field. In March 2020, Klobuchar withdrew her candidacy. Later, she was considered as a potential running mate of Joe Biden’s presumptive nominee. The death of an African American male while being held in custody by Minnesota police heightened attention to racial justice. It also raised questions about Klobuchar’s track record as a prosecutor. She withdrew in June 2020 and stated that a woman of color should be the vice-presidential nominee. Kamala Harris was ultimately chosen by Biden.

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