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Bradley Cooper admits to being mocked over Oscar nominations

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Bradley Cooper, a Hollywood actor, revealed that he was ridiculed by a well-known director for his seven Oscar nominations.
Cooper stated in a podcast that the incident happened after Cooper attended a party celebrating the award season of his film, A Star Is Born. Variety reports. The party was attended by the director who mocked a star of ‘The Hangover’. Cooper was joined at the party by a friend, and an actress who had also received three Oscar nominations.
Cooper was ridiculed by the director, who replied “What world do we live in where you have 7 nominations but she has only three?”
Cooper, recalling the incident on the podcast, said Cooper that he felt like asking his director “Bro, why is your such an asshole?” Cooper said, “I would never forget that.”
Variety reports that Cooper was also subject to such demeaning remarks in the past. Cooper stated that Cooper was once mocked by a female actor for his Oscar nomination for ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, which starred Jennifer Lawrence.

Cooper repeated that the woman had said to Cooper, “I saw your film.” You are worthy of the nom.” The woman said again, “The nom” later when the actor passed her while she went to the toilet.
Cooper confessed to thinking “What is this place?” Cooper said, “What’s this town?”
Variety reports that Cooper’s musical drama, “A Star Is Born”, with Lady Gaga as the star, has increased his Oscar nominations from just four to seven.
Meanwhile, 48-year-old actor Cooper is expected to get more Oscar nominations for his next film, “Maestro”, which he directs. The Netflix film is based on Leonard Bernstein, the legendary Broadway composer. Cooper would play Bernstein alongside Carey Mulligan, who plays Bernstein’s wife Felicia Montalegre.
Cooper said about ‘Maestro that the movie was “about marriage, a film about family.” Variety reports that’s all.
After Netflix released first-ever look photos of Maestro in an unheard avatar, ‘Maestro” has generated quite a buzz. The film will be released next year in 2023.

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