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Cannes 2022: Protestors from the female genitals disrupt Red Carpet event and unleash smoke grenades

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On Sunday, the ongoing 75th Cannes Film Festival was disrupted by protestors on Red Carpet. This happened just two days after a naked woman protested against violence against women in Ukraine.
Deadline reported that while raising their fists high in the air, a group made up of black-clad women unfurled a banner, and then released black smoke grenades. The banner featured a long list with women’s names, interspersed by the words “A Woman”.

According to the outlet the banner names are those of women who were killed in France by domestic violence.
Later, the spokesperson for the film Riposte Feministe, a documentary about feminist collages in France, claimed credit for the protest.
According to Deadline the whole incident happened at the premiere Competition film “Holy Spider” and videos were shared on twitter. “Holy Spider” is a feminist thriller about a woman who discovers that a man is murdering prostitutes in Iran.

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