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In case of fire in the car, get insurance claim like this, you will not get a single rupee for doing this work

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Insurance Claim: It has been seen on many occasions that there are reports of car theft. Along with this, many times accidents like fire in the car also happen.

Car Insurance Claim: Nowadays people use personal vehicles to go from one place to another. People use cars and bikes as personal vehicles. At the same time, people like to have a car. Everyone wants to have a car. At the same time, after the car is there, it also has to be maintained. Car maintenance also becomes very important. Also the car should be insured.

Benefits of insurance

It has been seen on many occasions that reports of car thefts come to the fore. Along with this, many times accidents like fire in the car also happen. If the car is insured, then on such occasions much financial loss can be avoided because if the insurance companies pass the claim, then some amount is available.

easy process

On the other hand, if the car catches fire and your car is insured, then you can claim the insurance. Its process is quite simple. If the car policy for which you have taken covers the damage due to fire, then you can claim the insurance by following these steps.

How to make an insurance claim

If your car is damaged due to fire, then the agent from whom you took the policy and the company whose insurance policy was taken will have to be informed.

After this, you will also have to file an FIR at your nearest police station and give information about the damage caused due to the fire in the car.

You should also take valid photos of the fire in the car so that it can be shown during the claim.

After registering the FIR, you will also have to submit the necessary documents to the insurance company for the insurance claim. These documents will include driving licence, RC, FIR, photo of car fire and other documents.

After this, you will have to ask your insurance company to send your officer for investigation, so that the officer can carry out the inspection process properly. The claim settlement is carried forward only after conducting a thorough investigation through the Inquiry Officer.

After inspection, if the insurance company finds that the reason for the fire is justified, then the company settles the claim. This may include cashless process, car repair etc.

keep these things in mind

Claim insurance as soon as possible after the accident. Usually the claim should be made within 24 hours of the accident. If it is delayed beyond this, then your claim may be rejected and you may not get even a single rupee.

In relation to the accident of fire in the car, also be in touch with such people, whose fire accident has happened in front of their eyes. Eye Witness can play a very important role in an insurance claim.

Keep the necessary documents related to the car with you. Lack of any documents can result in the claim getting stuck.

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