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Parenting Tips: How to reduce children’s obesity, these tips will be of great use to you

Fastest Way For Kid Weight Loss: Increasing obesity in children is a big problem. In such a situation, you need to make big changes in lifestyle. Inculcate healthy habits in children and keep them physically active.

Obesity In Kids: Due to the changing lifestyle, obesity is increasing rapidly in children. Obesity in children is a big problem. A big reason behind this is food and drink. Nowadays children have started eating a lot of things made of flour, junk food and packaged food. Due to which obesity has started increasing. Due to weight gain, children have started having problems related to breathing, diabetes, high cholesterol, fast apnea at an early age. In such a situation, it is important to have a weight balance of your child, that is, the weight of the child should be according to the length. If you are also troubled by the obesity of the child, then take care of these things. By adopting these habits, the weight of the child can be reduced.

1- Make healthy food habit- Feed children only healthy food. You should give fresh food to the children daily. Open more and more fruits, vegetables, whole grains in the diet. If you are feeding pasta or bread, instead of maida, feed things made of flour. Feed children low fat dairy products. Feed lean proteins like beans, tofu, nuts and fish in children’s diet.

2- Keep physically active- A good way to reduce the obesity of children is to keep them physically active. Take the children to the park daily. Ask to jump rope. Play the game of their choice. This helps in weight loss. Send children for cycling and jogging. This will reduce the weight fast.

3- Reduce screen time- If your child watches TV or phone for a long time, then it increases obesity. The child sits for a long time. Instead of showing the phone or TV, take the children out. Play an activity game with them.

4- Find out the BMI of the child- To keep children healthy, you should know the body mass index (BMI) of children. With this you will know the height and weight of the child. If the child is overweight, then try to reduce it.

5- Increase healthy lifestyle- Children learn a lot by watching from their parents. In such a situation, you should promote a healthy lifestyle at home. You yourself should be physically active with children. Eat healthy food with children yourself. With this, the child will learn a healthy lifestyle and obesity will be controlled.

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