CBSE Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet MCQs with Answers (Published by CBSE)

Here are chapter-wise multiple-choice questions for the Class 10 NCERT English Feet Without Feet book. These MCQs, published by CBSE, can be used to help you prepare for the Term 1 Board Exam 2021-2022.

Here are the class 10 English MCQs taken from the supplementary book ‘Footprints Without Feet. CBSE Board has published the chapter-wise multiple-choice questions and answers for class 10 English. The questions are based upon excerpts from Footprints Without Feet NCERT books. These questions will help you understand the concepts and prepare you for the CBSE Class 10 English Terms 1 Board Exam 2021-2022.

Below are the chapter-wise MCQs to CBSE Class 10 English Footprints without Feet Textbook.

Chapter 1 – A Triumph of Surgery

Chapter 2 – The Thief’s Story

Chapter 3 – The Midnight Visitor

Chapter 4 – A Question of Trust

Chapter 5 – Footprints without Feet

Chapter 6 – The Making of a Scientist

Chapter 7 – The Necklace

Chapter 8 – Hack Driver

Chapter 9 – Bholi

Chapter 10 – The Book that Saved the Earth

From the current academic session 2021-2022, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has created a special assessment system for Class 10. Also, the annual board exam has been discontinued. The new pattern will see two exams at the ends of the two terms: Term 1 (and Term 2), according to the new pattern. The CBSE Class 10 Term 1 Exam, which will be held November-December 2021, will feature MCQ-based question papers. Examiners will be asked MCQs from different types. The Class 10 English Footprints without Feet MCQs by CBSE are the best way to learn how the MCQs in the supplementary book can work in the term 1 exam. These questions can be practiced quickly and students can review all chapters during the exam.

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