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China has 312 new COVID-19-related cases, despite an increase in infection rates

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China has reported a significant increase in COVID-19-related cases. The National Health Commission stated that China had reported 312 confirmed COVID-19 case reports on Thursday.
According to Xinhua, 227 new cases were reported in Shanghai, China’s financial center.
Shanghai also reported 1,869 cases of locally transmitted infections. This is in addition to the 2,140 cases that were newly discovered on the mainland.
Two deaths due to COVID-19 occurred in Shanghai, according to Xinhua.
Seven other regions at the provincial level of the mainland were affected by new COVID-19 transmissions, including those in Beijing and Henan.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, more questions are being raised about China’s well-publicized “zero covid” strategy. This strategy was credited with bringing down the pandemic.
The ongoing tight lockdown in Shanghai, China, to limit the spread COVID-19 has severely affected daily life due to food shortage.
In a significant escalation in COVID-19 restrictions, Beijing also banned all restaurants and closed universal studios. Residents were required to show proof of a negative Covid to be allowed into public places.
Reports indicate that Shanghai residents are also suffering from food poisoning after they eat some of the food supplies distributed by authorities in the COVID-19 lockdown.
Public distrust in government and anger towards the government have been raised by the city’s poor handling in dealing with the worst COVID-19 epidemic in two years.

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