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625 crore owner ‘Captain America’ was running this ‘khatara’ phone till now, fans were stunned

Chris Evans finally retires iPhone 6s: Captain America ie Chris Evans has recently posted an Instagram in which he has told which ‘Khatara’ phone he was using till now. Knowing this his fans…

Chris Evans Finally Says ‘RIP’ to his iPhone 6s Fans Shocked: Today everyone gets a smartphone according to their budget in the market. Although all the smartphones come with more than one feature, but people who do not take the phone by looking at the money or budget, they usually buy Apple’s iPhones only. Admittedly, this is not everyone’s business, but celebrities and businessmen are expected to buy similar phones. Recently, actor ‘Chris Evans’, who played the lead character in the popular Hollywood film series, ‘Captain America’, has revealed about his phone, which has left the fans quite stunned.

Captain America was still running ‘khatara’ phones

Some time ago, Chris Evans has put a post on his Instagram account, in which he has paid ‘homage’ to his old smartphone. The thing that has surprised the fans is that the phone that Chris has now removed is a very old phone. For the past several years, Captain America i.e. Chris Evans was using the iPhone 6s, a seven-year-old model of Apple’s iPhone.

Chris Evans owns Rs 625 crore

The fans are so surprised by this because Chris is a very popular and big actor. According to the reports, as of May 2022, the net worth of Chris Evans is about $ 80 million i.e. around Rs 625 crore. In such a situation, his use of such an old smartphone is surprising the fans a lot. Chris says that there was no problem with his phone, so he did not change his phone.

Chris pays tribute to iPhone 6s

Chris Evans recently posted a picture on Instagram, in which he is transferring his phone data from iPhone 6s to iPhone 13. The caption that Chris has written on this post is being liked by the fans very much. Starting with ‘RIP iPhone 6s’ Chris says to his old iPhone, ‘We’ve had a great time together. I will miss your home button. Yes, but I will not remember the battle that I fought with you last night for charging, I will not think about your granny pictures.

I can’t remember a time when your battery suddenly dropped from 100% to 15% and then completely drained within minutes. We have come a very exciting journey. Now you rest, friend.’

Many comments are coming on this post that it is good that this phone will no longer be used. Many people have also shared this post. Everyone is shocked to know about Chris’s phone.

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